Day in the Office

Typically, my days in the office consisted of assisting my boss Leilani with any work that needed to be done. Whether that be helping schedule events, pass out flyers, writing scripts, etc. However, this day Leilani told me that I would have to create an entire event! It was very exciting yet at the same time nerve wrecking to make sure that everything went right. This particular day was for the women’s softball’s team and their senior day. The event would be focused on young girls who play softball that may want to come out and attend. It was called youth day. I was supposed to organize youth teams to come out and watch our SMC Softball team take on Santa Clara. This day I looked up and emailed several youth teams in the bay area and tried to get them to join in on the fun of youth day. When signing my name at the end of the emails, I had to make sure that I did not simply sign with my name, but also my position as a Sales & Marketing Intern at St. Mary’s College. It was a pretty cool experience. Little did I know, this was only the beginning of all of the work I would be needed to do! I had two weeks until the big day and had to anxiously wait for the youth coaches to respond to my request. 


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