Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Column

Fans all over the world have been waiting anxiously for the premiere of the movie that took the hearts of thousands of young teens and adults everywhere. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out this past week with a worldwide debut of 340.9 million dollars just since it came out this past Thursday November 15.  Such an uproar for this movie and so much at store for the Twilight cast to make sure that this movie was nothing short of perfection. After seeing the movie myself, as well as hearing the opinions of several others, I would say that they delivered. With this finale being ranked the eighth of all time domestic debuts, they absolutely gave the franchise of Twilight the ability to end with a bang!

The movie consisted of the same characters from the past few Twilights, however Bella’s character was amplified with her new life as a Vampire. Her character that started once in the first Twilight as a young girl that was very timid and quiet, takes its ultimate high with more confidence, grace and strength than viewers have ever seen before. Bella was profound as a vampire. Her relationship with Edward seemed to take off and their bond appeared deeper than ever.

The newest character in the movie, Renesmee who was the daughter of Edward and Bella, brought a new softness to the movie and easily allowed viewers to connect with her. This half vampire, and half human was like nothing they had seen before, but they were willing to fight for her life. The story begins to be more intense with the anticipation of the Voltaire coming for Renesmee. You will see the cast in rare form, as the movie shows us more action than the other three combined.

We also see several new vampires that come from all around the world to help out the Collins and Bella. All that have powers different from one another and gifts different than any of the Collins. Bella in particular has gifts that are fascinating to the Collins, and even to the Voltaire. Her power of defense allows her to protect her family in quite a strong way.

One negative however about the movie if there be any, would be the depiction of Renesmee. With the movie once having such great graphics, Renesmee was done horribly! Especially when she was a baby. She looked very fake and not realistic at all. I am sure the people in graphics could have taken a little more time on baby Renesmee so it was not so cartoon-like.  Besides this, the movie was nearly flawless.

Those who have already read the books, beware! Do not assume that you know what is coming up because the movie throws a bit of a twist to the book readers that caught many off guard. Not in a bad way either, the twist gave the readers a bit more kick and edge than the book and made for a more enjoyable ending.

This was by far the best of all of the Twilight’s and really gave viewers a great note to close on. With such a great sequence of books and movies and with having something to always look forward too, it is sad that this completes the Twilight series. Although the series is at its end, it will forever be in the hearts of all of the fans.


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