Electoral Panel Heats Up St. Mary’s College

The panel discussion that was held at St. Mary’s College on November 13, 2012 was a very enticing discussion that brought big names that include, Steve Walpurt, Steve Sloan, Monica Fitzgerald, and Tim Farley. The main topic that was discussed was the election that just recently passed with President Obama and Mitt Romney. They discussed the controversy around this election and how so many television networks such as Fox and MSNBC were portraying it to be a close race between the two candidates, when the reality was that Obama always had a pretty big lead.

Whether they just wanted to keep their ratings up, or just keep people on track to make sure that they were voting, the group of people at the panel made it very clear that this was never close between Obama and Romney. Steve Walpurt stated, “It was never really close…the media does like drama though.” This could also be the reason that so much negativity was created throughout this election. Most of the reason for choosing one candidate would be because of some claim of why the other one is so terrible. Instead of saying why they, themselves could help out the economical deficit that we are in as a country they chose to bash each other. Tim Farley said, “The other guy is so bad- vote for us! – What kind of inspiring campaign is that?”

When asked what went wrong with Romney, all of the people of the panel seemed to agree that the issue relied with Romney supporters. 88% of Romney supporters were White. With the demographics being what they are today and with their being so many different races and people of color in the world, you can no longer rely only on White Americans to carry you to winning a presidential election. Of course there were other factors, but for the most part Romney lost with the loss of people of color.

To go along with this, another topic that was talked about was the Republican Party in general. With so many people in the world trying to take a new route and going away from the conservative ideas, Republicans are going to have to start making changes with some of the ideas and systems that they have in place to help adjust to what people may better relate to. People are slowing starting to fall away from these conservative views, so Republicans need to find a way to meet the needs of citizens with also not falling too far away from what they really believe in. “Sooner or later there will be a democratic candidate that messes up,” said Sloan. With that said, Republicans need to realize that they must compromise some of their ideas and values if they want to be chosen by the people.

Another steamy question was, whether or not President Obama will be better this time around. Steve Sloan spoke out saying that Obama may be more likely to take risks this time around because he does have the chance of being reelected. If that is the case it could either help or hinder our country and the path that is may take.

Overall it was a very great discussion and the panel gave insight on several of areas of the political campaign and presidential election. With these bright minds sharing what they know wit us, it helps the younger generation to learn more deeply what is going on and what they can do to help.



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